A lil bit of Aly

the words that come out of my mind... scary eh?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I know its been a LONG time since i posted anything on here and sorry... but anyways here is one FUCKED up story to tell you

Before i had to go to work i walked downstars to go to my backpack with my uniy in it and i see this

Ok i bet you cant see what it is.....

Its a big ass mother fuckin spider.... it was FUCKIN BIG!!!!.... i call mom cuzz she is sleepin on the couch "MOM....MOM...COME HERE!!!!...NOW!"
so she gets up and is all bitchy cuzz i woke her up she askes me what the fuck do i want and i tell her to look at my bag..... she freaks...... so i ask her... what the fuck do we do........
i grap a box thinkin it will fit eh.... but im to chicken shit to get it.... so i ask her agian....MOM WHAT THE FUCK TO I DO?!??!?!
we called Ron.... from next door.... "RON COME OVER HERE NOW!!" he comes to the door and says who the fucked died.... i tell him we r if u dont get this mother fucnkin spider out of this house..... he thought we where fucked in the head.... no man we just dont like spiders!!!!
there is my story... fucked up eh??

Monday, October 29, 2007

Well.... what can i say?! .... everyone knows how my life is going and shit... i talk to everyone back home... i miss home!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

so my life is really differnt since i moved to Hamilton... i am now livin on my own... its very werid since i dont know how to cook that well....my persaity has changed alot... befor i whould only wear pants in the summer but fuck its too hot i had to buy myself a skirt.... it is really hotter here then in kenora and thatd VERY differnt... befor when u where hot u can go to the lake and just jump in... but here... the lake it too far to go to!!! so fuck it deal with the heat!!!!,..... i Start school soon and i am very happy i got all the shit i need... i now i spent ALOT of money but i got what i needed... school shit..food bus pass.... so i did really good.. i got what i needed and not blow my money.... but it sucks not have much but its life.. and im tryin to live it! i really cant wait till school starts i have been really bored with this month offf!!!!.......I cant wait till my mom and the other sistter and Ella comes down... but i dont know where to take KC and Ella... like i chill in town and i really dont want anyone down there with me well... i dont want Ella there.... And yes i am sorry about my last update... i still cant get over nanny beenin gone its really not the same!!!! I really wish i can get over it and keep livin my life but now my life feels empty maybe i will find somthin to fill that hole with but who knows anymore right...Im Happy Robyn Had her babby.... hes such a little cuttie!!!.... I think Tay is doin good but i know he wants to go back too school right Robyn?!... but thats alll i have to say this time... i really dont know what more to say....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Its so weird that nanny is not around.... I still cant get over that shes gone i still have this feeling that when I'm going to call her and shes going to pick up not mom or Pete.... dose anyone else feel that way? I know it was a little weird for me to sit with her when she was died but i felt a little at peace when I was with her and it made me feel a little happy but now I don't feel at peace i feel so empty... i feel like there is nothing there anymore....

I now feel a little better writing this

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last night when i was sleepin i heard her .... i heard nanny say my name... it was really creepy!... it felt like she was there too... i always feel her.... she has not left us....

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

well livin in hamilton is hard.... im thinkin of gettin high school over and done with then leavin ... i donno.... i need a change!!!